A Streetcar Named… Cincinnati!

Agree or disagree, the Cincinnati Streetcar is happening and is scheduled for completion in 2014.

The first phase of the Cincinnati Streetcar will connect Downtown Cincinnati to Findlay Market and the Over-the-Rhine Historic District. Other stops between these points will include:

Downtown Cincinnati has Cincinnati’s largest employment hub with 70,000 people working in the area every day. It is forecasted that this population (along with tourists and other downtown visitors) will become riders who will also be drawn to frequent other existing and new storefronts and businesses along the route. This new downtown development will boost the city’ s tax revenue and attractiveness, making our city of Cincinnati even better.

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photo courtesy of Urbancincy.com.


Over-the-Rhine: An Overlooked Opportunity program info

img_0363As you’ve probably noticed from reading my blog, I am a huge fan of urban housing, walkable cities, and public transportation.  I don’t live in Over-the-Rhine anymore but I loved my time down there and I think the home ownership opportunities in the area are super cool.  Not to mention all the hip restaurants and shops.




   So when I received a press release earlier this week about a preservation program being offered by the Over the Rhine Foundation and The Cincinnati Preservation Association, I thought I would pass along the details.  dnc_01

Here’s the deal people, Cincinnati possesses one of the nation’s most significant historic districts – a unique collection of architecture that is larger than New Orleans’ French Quarter or Charleston’s Historic District.  The bad news is that we are demolishing it at an alarming rate.  Often overlooked by native Cincinnatians, in 2006 Over-the-Rhine was named one of the nation’s “Eleven Most Endangered Historic Resources” by the National Trust for Historic Preservation.  That is crazy!!

The Cincinnati Preservation Association estimates that OTR is only 4 demolitions away from passing the 50% destrucion mark in its historic fabric.  This event is a presentation of the potential, the problems, and the solutions.

When: August 20th at 5:30 pm

Where: Memorial Hall- 1219 Elm Street

Cost: $5 donation suggested- drinks will be provided

All proceeds benefit the Cincinnati Preservation Association and the Over-the-Rhine Foundation

OTR Gateway Quarter Condo Tour: Part 3 (Good Fellows Hall)

Finally, some one has listened and provided at least one condo building in Over-The-Rhine with GARAGE parking!  Good Fellows Hall located at 1306 Main Street has 5 units in all each with their own garage parking and an elevator that opens directly into your unit. 

Of the entire Gateway Quarter tour these had to have been my favorite.  Besides the additional amenities I’ve already mentioned I just liked the flow of these units.  The model we looked at was unit #2, which is approximately 1,760 sq feet. 


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OTR Gateway Quarter Condo Tour: Part 1 (Mottainai)

On Saturday I headed downtown to my old stomping ground to checkout some new condos in the Gateway Quarter, and a little beyond.  All week long I’m going to highlight a different building and show you some pictures and give you all the details.


First up- The Lofts at Mottainai @ 1222 Republic.  I don’t have any idea how you pronounce that name but the website says “Mott-tie-nai”, which truthfully doesn’t really help me.  Either way, it’s a Japanese word that means too valuable to waste.  And this condo project is LEED certified- the first of its kind in the Gateway Quarter. 

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Cincinnati Home Styles: Italianate

You might not have known this but Cincinnati has one of the best examples of Italianate architecture in the United States.  Over-the Rhine, Prospect Hill and the East End all feature this style of house built primarily by German-American immigrants that lived in the densely populated areas.  Across the river Newport and Covington also feature many Italianate homes.

Italianate homes are generally 2-3 stories high with a low pitched or flat roof. 

They are known for their overhanging eaves with cornices or brackets sometimes in pairs and decorative projecting window heads and curved window caps.  Often they also have recessed doorways.

Is this your house style?  Talk a walk on Main street in OTR or on Milton in Prospect Hill and you will see many examples of this wonderful style.