New Kenton Co Down Payment Assistance Program

WHOA! Are you thinking of buying a home in Kenton County! Don’t wait.

$15,000 down payment assistance, forgivable after 5 years (so live in your home 5 years and you’ve gotten $15,000 FREE). Fine print: can’t have owned a home in the past 3 years and must earn less than $124,600.

The money starts flowing January 20, 2016 but you can go under contract now and just need to close after that date.

This money will run out! If you were thinking of buying in spring, think again and contact me so we can find you a house NOW!



Kentucky Housing Corporation HHF DAP (for Kenton County only) 

HHF DAP Down Payment Assistance – Program Guidelines:           

     Closing date on or after January 20, 2016    

     $15,000.00 Second Mortgage          

     Forgivable Second Mortgage if lived in property for 5yrs

     0% interest rate        

     No home ownership interest in the last 3yrs.  

     Purchase price max $294,000.00         

     $124,600 max income limits

     New and Existing Properties in Kenton County

     Home Buyer Education required  


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