Cincinnati Streetcar progress


The Cincinnati Streetcar project – how much do you know about this future transportation system? I’ve been keeping you updated from time to time and here is a summary of where things stand right now.

Cincinnati Streetcar FAQs

  • What is the budget? First phase = $147.81 million (Federal and local monies) for the 3.6 mile route
  • How do the cars move? The rails are embedded in the street and operate with electricity via a single, overhead wire
  • What will be the fare? The amount is unknown at this time
  • How many streetcars will there be? Five
  • What will they look like? Go here and scroll down to see a rendering.
  • What is the route? Go here to see the route map. This route will be accessible to the 70,000 people who work in the downtown area
  • Has the project started? Yes! The construction for the street car maintenance facility in Over-the-Rhine has begun

Why a Streetcar System? The streetcar project should generate economic activity along its route with new businesses and shops along its way. The streetcar will also bring people into the city and will reinforce the walkability of the area for those who choose to live in the area.

The Route People will be able to use the streetcar along 18 stops that are near:

See a route map here. Future plans for the streetcar may also include stops at the University of Cincinnati and the Cincinnati Zoo. See a great infographic map of the route here.

What happened to the original streetcar system? The original streetcars were a major form of public transportation starting in the late 1800s. With the popularity of automobiles and buses, ridership diminished and the streetcars were dismantled in 1951. Read more about the original streetcars here.

Follow the streetcar project on Facebook here and its blog here.


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