Florence Y’All

I was at the Florence Mall on a rainy cold Sunday letting my son get some energy out at the play area.  The play area has mini-replicas of some Cincinnati landmarks like a paddle boat, airplane and the famous Florence Y’all water tower.  Which got me wondering if the story I had been told about how the water tower got it’s instantly recognizable name, was true….a quick search of Google and I found out the answer and some more fun facts about the Florence Y’All Water Tower. KYFLOyall02

The Florence Y’all Water Tower was constructed in 1974 in anticipation of the construction of Florence Mall. This tower was a necessary infrastructure to accommodate the water needs of the city’s expanding development.

Initially the top of the water tower said: “Florence Mall” (which was not built yet). But, with strict regulations from the Bureau of Highways concerning highway advertising signage promoting a non-existing business, those words could not stay. The City of Florence decided to repaint just a portion of the words (to save money) and history was made: Florence Y’all.

Florence Mall was built in 1976 and yet the words “y’all” stayed. In the years that followed this water tower became an icon for Florence, Kentucky.

Fun Florence Y’All Water Tower Facts:

  • 120,000 cars pass the water tower daily
  • The water tower is used as a travel landmark for vacationers heading north or south
  • The Florence Freedom Ballpark has a mascot called Willy the Water Tower
  • The City of Florence does not give out city keys – its gives city honorees a Water Tower bobble head

Read more about the tower here.

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