Landscaping to sell your home

If you’re planning to sell your home during the warmer, “outdoor” season, pay close attention to your “outdoor rooms” — the front and back yards. The front yard should be the red carpet to your front door and will help create curb appeal. The rear yard can also make a positive, first impression with attractive landscaping. Remember, buyers need to be impressed by the outside before they will look inside your home.

Questions to consider about your current landscaping:

  • Is your yard well maintained with trimmed shrubs and attractive flowers?
  • Have you pulled all of the weeds and added mulch?
  • Do you have an nice seating area outside?
  • Is your deck or patio in good shape?

Not all buyers will be avid gardeners and may be looking for low-maintenance landscaping, but, in general, most buyers see an extensively landscaped yard as a plus. (Remember, just don’t overdo it or you may scare off buyers who do not want to spend hours in their yard.)

Have a small yard? Don’t worry – even small green spaces can look appealing and attractive. You may need to think more in terms of container gardening if you do not have a lot of yard for landscaping or flowers.

Smaller, starter homes with nice landscaping create more visual appeal that hopefully turn into purchase offers. For higher-priced homes, there will be an expectation of quality landscaping from buyers.

Some ideas when updating your landscaping:

  • Planting perennials offer a future low-maintenance solution to gardening.
  • Fresh mulch always has curb appeal and provides contrast to green or colorful plants.
  • Pruning trees or bushes keeps the landscape looking fresh. Be sure to tailor back overgrown areas that block the front door or windows.
  • When adding shrubs, avoid “one of this” and “one of that” — masses of three or more look better and will smooth out the look of the landscaping.
  • Have a healthy lawn in the front.
  • Add lights! Lighting along a driveway or  highlighting landscaping or the home’s exterior can create a beautiful aura to your home in the evening.

Need inspiration for your landscaping endeavors? Look at homes already on the real estate market!


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