Morelein Lager House – Opens February 27

It’s not a house you can live in, but the Morelein Lager House at The Banks is definitely going to be a fun “house” to visit!

The establishment is set to open its doors to the public on February 27, 2012. With a nod to Cincinnati’s brewing history, the lager house commissioned murals of Cincinnati’s beer barons (painted by Cincinnati artist Jim Effler) to serve as visual reminders of how robust the beer industry once was in Cincinnati.

Different areas throughout the establishment have been named for many  of the former Cincinnati breweries: Schoenling booth, John Hauck Brewing Co. room, Windisch-Muhlhauser dining room, Hudepohl bar, and Burger hallway.

The lager house will hold up to 1,400 people indoors and out. (The event lawn can hold up to 3,000 people.) There will be 90 beer taps to serve thirsty customers and a 50-foot long bar.

Roll out the barrel and plan on visiting this new establishment soon!

Learn more about the Morelein Lager House:


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