Let there be (light) space!

Many people think of adding square footage to create more space. But here’s how to create the illusion of space without adding more square footage.

1. Think diagonal views. Stand in one corner and arrange a clear view to the other corner. Place floor tiles on the diagonal. It makes the space seem larger, pushing the walls out.

2. Lighting will open up space. To give your house an airy feel, use simple window dressings to bring in natural light and steal space from the outdoors.

3. Accessorize. The bigger a piece of artwork is, the bigger the feeling of space. A wall filled with many small pictures seems cluttered and space appears smaller.

4. Let there be height. Use at least one tall element in a room to draw the eye upward, towards the ceiling. Not only does this maximize the vertical space in the room, but it also draws the eye up to the less crowded ceiling space above.  Even if you don’t have tall ceilings, consider raising your curtains a few inches higher than your windows, it helps to draw the eye up and makes the room feel taller.

5. Play with the furniture. Try to move furniture away from the walls if space allows. It will give a feeling of openness when a sofa isn’t butted against a wall. If buying new pieces, purchase items on legs versus feet. The higher a piece sits from the floor the more visual space is present.



Tips taken from Pillar to Post.  Images taken from here, here, here and here


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