Where can I find your home?

As I was handing out my eyeball candy last night for Halloween, I started thinking about real estate (yes, I need to get a life, but that’s not the point).  In real estate, more than nearly any other place I can think of, the name of the game is “eyeballs”.  By that I mean if a buyer or buyer’s agent can’t find your house, guess what- they won’t tour your house or buy it.  It really is that simple many time.  So your home needs to be easy to find among the thousands of other homes on the market.  That means not only good photos, excellent staging and all the other suggestions I’ve made here, here, here and here but also making sure your home and its’ web listing are easily accessible.

When I put your house up for sale it is immediately available on the area MLS (either the Cincinnati MLS or the NKY MLS, depending on your location) and on Sibcy Cline’s website. Those two are pretty obvious and any Realtor should offer at least those basic services but I do much more than that (surprise, surprise).

My listings are also syndicated to dozens of national websites for the most exposure possible. Here is a list of just some of the websites you can find my listings: AOL Real Estate, CLRSearch, Cyberhomes, DataSphere, Front Door, HomeTourConnect, HotPads, househunt.com, LakeHomesUSA, MyRealty, Oodle, Overstock, Realtor.com, RealtyTrac, Vast, and Walmart.com. Who even knew some of these places had real estate listings (walmart.com?!?!). Regardless, my goal is to have as many eyes as possible on your listing. Locally I also advertise your listing on craigslist and many local neighborhood sites, if they are available.

Finally I post your home for sale on the nation’s second largest search engine? Come back on Thursday to find out exactly where I am talking  or guess below in the comment section.

Are you thinking about selling your home? Contact me for a personalized marketing plan!

Candy eye ball photo from here


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