Math myths debunked

I love math and numbers – yep, I’m cool like that.  So when I came across this blog article today on Realtor Magazine’s website I just had to share.  Basically it is a response to an upcoming article about why home ownership isn’t a great investment.  This rebuttal actually shows how the math is faulty – in some pretty obvious ways. 

I’m not a big fan of thinking about your house as an investment piece – though obviously it is and for most of us one of our biggest investments.  I guess my problem is when people think ONLY about the return on investment, rather than consider the other non-monetary returns, like the enjoyment of looking out on your gorgeous back yard or making dinner on your pretty granite countertops.  My point is, you should enjoy your house, and do the upgrades or improvements you want for your lifestyle, not just because HGTV tells you it will help you sell your house.

OK, so now that I’m done with that train of thought… is a link to the article I mentioned before.  Let me know what you think? Do you have some items in your house  just-for-fun or are you constantly thinking about whether it makes sense for resale- I admit it is hard for me not to do that sometimes myself!


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