When should you put your home on the market?

That is the number one question I am getting right now from clients.  Many potential sellers hear the words “spring market” and assume that means they should put their house on the market in April or may but I disagree.  Historically our busiest months are March, April and May.  March is the month where the buyers stop surfing www.sibcycline.com and start actually going in to houses.   And you want to be ready when they do!

So my suggestion is this- get your house ready to go on the market now!  I find that once you decide you want to list your house there is suddenly a long list of to-do items that need to be completed before your home is really show ready.  So start that process now!  At the very least you’ll want to be listed by the middle of March.  Over 80% of buyers look online before they even step foot inside a house and they are doing that looking now.  If you want until April or May to list your house you may miss out on a perfect buyer who has already found their house. 

One caveat to all these dates, if we get a late snow fall/blizzard, all bets are off 🙂  Cincinnati buyers are very finicky in regards to the weather and another cold blast can set up back a few weeks, so keep an eye on that weather report as you decide the optimal time to list your house.  And when you are ready to go- give me a call!

spring photo found here


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