Cincinnati Housing Stats

For those of you who like numbers, you’ll love these local real estate statistics. 

I was thrilled to see total volume up over 21% year-to-date! The first half of the year has really been hopping, much of that due to the tax credit through April but also thanks in part to super low interest rates.  A 30-year fixed rate home loan is now at 4.66%, a 39-year record low. That compares to 5.61% one year ago. That equates to a $52 monthly savings for every $100,000 of home loan!

                                        June 09                      June 10                     %

Residential Sold         1,978                     2,129                     7.63%

Average Price              $164,284             $171,827                4.59%

Total $ Volume          $324,953,895     $365,819,525      12.58%


                                        YTD 09                     YTD 10                       %

Residential Sold       8,487                           9,500                   11.94%

Average Price            $145,205                   $157,421                8.41%

Total $ Volume        $1,232,350,916       $1,495,503,160  21.35%


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