What I thought I knew about recycling

I don’t know if you had heard the news a few weeks ago, but the City of Cincinnati announced they were now accepting pizza boxes and all plastic jugs/bottles in your curbside recyling.

As a recycling geek, I was pretty excited about this added plastic section.  In fact I was so excited I was talking about it at a party last week- I know great party starter- and I found out that some of my exctiement was misplaced!  You see, when I saw all plastic bottles and jugs accepted, I  sort of ignored the bottles and jugs bit and just focused on the plastic part. 

But it turns out that jug/bottle description is important.  Your yogurt jar- still not accepted 😦  What is accepted is any plastic where the top is smaller than the bottom – think milk jug, coke bottle, etc.  Take the lids off, of course.

On the plus side, I did find out that those annoying envelopes with the plastic window that come with your junk mail.  Those are acceptable!  So now my husband can’t huff at me anymore for thowing the whole pile of mail in the garbage without sorting out the plastic windows. 

You also don’t have to seperate paper from plastic from glass.  Rumpke does that in house.  For all you recylce geeks out there like me, you can find all the do’s and don’ts here at the City of Cincinnati’s site.


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