Rookwood Exchange

Over a year ago I told you that the final holdout in the proposed Rookwood Exchange area had sold. And last week, the house came tumbling down. So what’s in store for the area now?

Years ago, the plan included Crate & Barrel and the Container Store moving to the area. Both, as you probably know, stopped waiting around through all the legal delays and instead went up to Kenwood (which I think we can argue they probably regret now- what the heck is going on up there?!?). 

The latest news release reveals three of the anchors of this proposed 12 acre site.  A Marriott Courtyard hotel and two upscale restaurants, Capitol Grille and Seasons 52. The developer also says there will be a movie theater on site- a welcome addition since the closing of the Norwood and Kenwood theaters over the past 2 years. The first phase is projected to be open for business in 2012.

The plan also includes office space and residential units but the size, price points and mix are still being decided.

For some renderings and sketches of the site you can check out this link.


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