The Yard Transformed- Part 1

When we first moved in to our home in Oakley the yard was over grown and out of control. There were remnants of better days: a pretty peony bush and magnolia tree out front and some wonderful smelling rose bushes in back. But most of the yard had overgrown hedges and honeysuckle- not to mention lots of dirt and low spots where puddles of water sat for days. So we had our work cut out for us.


The project was done in steps and took about a year from the time was started until actual flowers began to bloom.  But it really turned out terrific.

First we started with the front and side yards. Literally the day we moved in we took a saw to the front row hedges and chopped them down.


You can see on the left, by the time the in-laws came to visit they were already down- we weren’t messing around with those shrubs!




IMG_4160The yard also had a particularly bad drainage problem which as you can see was a giant puddle during rainfall. So we has a dump truck of dirt delivered in order to grade the front and back yards.




IMG_4163Once the yard was graded for drainage it was time for new grass. We seeded and fertilized with a shade friendly blend and I was under strict instruction to stay off the grass!

Here it is just starting to sprout.  We were out there every morning on our knees and titling our heads to see all the new shoots. 


IMG_4200Our front walkway was also in poor condition and with the new graded front yard, about 8 inches too low. So we needed to pour a new sidewalk. We decided to pour a new concrete sidewalk and then top it with brick pavers for a more finished look (it also allowed us to the concrete work ourselves since the finish didn’t have to be perfect as it would be covered by the bricks). I chose a herringbone pattern which I think turned out very well.


Once the sidewalk was complete and the grass grown in we started working on adding some plants to the pictures. First we built a stone wall along the front edge of our yard, leaving about 12 inches between it and the sidewalk for some perennial plants.  On the right hand side you can just see my little lavendar plants.  They smell SO good and are my favorite part- I’m hoping to slowly turn that entire front bed into lavendar!





We replaced the overgrown hedge shrub thing with some nice hostas transplanted from the side of the house and mulched everything to give it a more finished look.


IMG_4111We also added some matching peony bushes to fill out the right side of the house. 



The side yard also got a new life- the water no longer sits here like a lake and we used some extra bricks to make a nice little spot for our garbage cans and composter to live.


The side door also got a transformation with a fun purple door to add a little something extra to an otherwise boring area.


It has been quite a change! 


If you missed my earlier post about the new siding and trim you can go here to see that hard-to-believe change.  Up next the back yard- an even bigger challenge if you can believe that!

I’m participating in Hooked on Friday’s over @ Hooked on Houses.  Head on over there to see what everyone else is hooked on.


6 thoughts on “The Yard Transformed- Part 1

  1. Terry says:

    Good griefm y’all wore me out. It’s great and make the whole street look better. I think removing “overgrown hedge shrub thing” is always a good idea. You plant and want them to grow and grow. Then for about 15 minutes it’s perfect. After that it’s overgrown but we don’t have the heart to prune it.

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