OTR Gateway Quarter Condo Tour: Part 2 (Falling Wall)

N. Main 001

Today on our tour of the Gate Quarter is “Falling Wall”.  These condos are located at 1417-1421 Main Street.  There are six loft style condos here and these are tied as my favorite of the event along with Good Fellows Hall just down the street (which I will feature on Friday).  Read on for all the details.

What I remember most about these condos was just the sheer size.  The first and largest of the three condos we toured in this building was nearly 1500 sq feet and they go to about 1800 sq feet.

N. Main 002

N. Main 003

The kitchens were open to the living space and this one even features a wine cooler in the island.

N. Main 004

Behind the kitchen wall was this large walk-in pantry.  A welcome site for those of us who have tried to cram all our cereal into half a drawer in a loft condo before.  This development really listened to the need for more storage, the master closet was also huge.

N. Main 005

Also there was a lot of natural light and all the 2 story units had open light wells to let light from the roof/2nd floor windows filter down to the 1st floor.

The area in the front is the sleeping area, to the right is the bathroom, walk-in master closet and 2nd floor laundry! and behind me is the staircase to the rooftop deck.

N. Main 006

The “Falling Wall” condos got their name from the walls which are apparently angled like they are falling.  The only place I really noticed it was in the bathroom and to be honest it freaked me out a little.  

N. Main 010

N. Main 011

These pictures are from a different unit and don’t really do it justice but the entire left side- which is a frosted wall and faces the sleeping area is at an angle and I felt a little like I was falling over myself. 

Factor that together with my fear of heights and the open light well down to the first floor and it would take some getting used to before I wouldn’t have to scoot around the edges of the second floor holding on furniture as I went 🙂  What can I say, I have a definite fear of heights. 

N. Main 009

Here you can see the outside of the bathroom.  In this unit the light well is directly outside of the bathroom and looks down on to the first floor.

Overall I thought these units were very cool.  I loved the amount of light and the amount of storage space.  All units come with a roof top deck and dedicated parking out back. 

Currently there is one listing pending in this building and 5 for sale.  The prices range from $198,900 to $304,900.  So they aren’t the cheapest ones out there but they are also some of the largest ones we saw.  Go to http://www.gatewayquarter.com/ to check out the floor plans.  Unit 2 was the one I mostly showed with the light well in the middle.  The bathroom pictures are from unit 1.

Don’t forget if you ever want to take a look at any of these just contact me and I’ll be happy to schedule something for you.  And if you missed the Monday tour of Mottainai you can check it out here.

UPDATE: Also, don’t forget to take a look at a great new condo with garage parking!!!


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