OTR Gateway Quarter Condo Tour: Part 1 (Mottainai)

On Saturday I headed downtown to my old stomping ground to checkout some new condos in the Gateway Quarter, and a little beyond.  All week long I’m going to highlight a different building and show you some pictures and give you all the details.


First up- The Lofts at Mottainai @ 1222 Republic.  I don’t have any idea how you pronounce that name but the website says “Mott-tie-nai”, which truthfully doesn’t really help me.  Either way, it’s a Japanese word that means too valuable to waste.  And this condo project is LEED certified- the first of its kind in the Gateway Quarter. 

 One things I really liked about this building was the cork flooring.  Lots of people were commenting on the floors, wondering aloud what they were.  As someone that appreciates a good floor I immediately recognized the cork flooring, there is also some bamboo flooring. 


The condos also feature quartz counter tops, energy star appliances, energy efficient HVAC systems and and smart energy meters. 


Mottainai had one model unit open and this is the kitchen in that unit.  Overall I think these condos probably had the most modern feel to them, with bright colors throughout and stainless, white and black mixed in.


The kitchen opens to the living room and just to the right of this photo against the far wall is the staircase to the second floor.


The master bedroom was a decent size with a large closet.  I must say all the condos I viewed this weekend had great closet space- I think the developers must have listened to some of the complaints about earlier units. 


I also read that the translucent paneling in the bathrooms was made from recycled 2-liter bottles.

Along with the model unit there were 3 other units I checked out.


This was another townhouse unit on the 3rd and 4th floors I believe.  What do you think of the eggplant cabinets?  I’m not sure I’m cool enough for these but it looked pretty fun in person.  The rest of this unit was very similar to the model unit.

On the top floor were two loft-style condos. 


I really liked the built in shelving here in this living room.  These loft condos are all on one floor.  The kitchen is just out of the picture on the left and the two bedrooms are behind me. 


The bedrooms each had this fun rolling door.  I couldn’t get a good picture of the hall but I really liked how they used the architecture that was existing – so there was this large metal opening that transitioned you from the living space to the bedrooms. 


This is another one of the living rooms in a loft condo.  As you can see this unit also offers a rooftop deck- which would be a must for me!

These units do have their own secured parking right outside and the condo fees are pretty reasonable- right around $200 a month depending on the unit. 

The Gateway Quarter website  lists 8 units in this building with 4 currently pending and 4 more available for purchase.  There are a mix of town house style (i.e. two floors) and lofts.  Prices range from $140,000 to $220,000.  The links to the floor plans weren’t opening for me so I can’t say for sure but I think the units I saw were all 2 bedrooms. 

What do you think?  Stay tuned all week and I’ll be bringing you more of my favorites- including (finally) a condo building in OTR with attached garage parking!

UPDATE: Check out Part 2 and Part 3 of my tour.


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