Cool Oakley Maps


I can across these cool maps the other day, well actually I can’t take credit for them, my husband found them and emailed them to me.  But either way, I thought they were fascinating and wanted you to enjoy them as well. 

The first thing I noticed was how all the farms had names like Taylor and Kilgour- sound familiar?  Also, as you can see, Oakley was established before Hyde Park- so take take Hyde Park!  Looks like Hyde Park might have been called Sharpsburg- I much prefer Hyde Park, what you do think?


I wish I could show these to you better but the resolution isn’t so great.  If you look along the river you can see two old cities- Mt Tusculum and Columbia.   I could spend hours just looking around at all the Oakley and Cincinnati streets and landmarks.  Why don’t we still cities with names like Montauk and Rose Hill? 


 Thanks for looking- go out and enjoy what looks to be a beautiful weekend!


One thought on “Cool Oakley Maps

  1. Keith says:

    You could really get lost looking at the Sanborn Fire Insurance maps (1870-1970). Go online to the Public Library under Research, then under Sanborn. The level of detail is amazing!

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