Choose the right colors for your listing


Can color cost you a sale?  This month I have read two separate articles discussing color and the affect they have on the brain and perhaps on the sale of your home. 

You might think this is crazy- it’s just paint after all!  But I have seen buyers fall in and out of love with a home for things as simple as a good smell or an orange dining room.  So before you dismiss it read on for the psychology behind colors.

In fact, research shows color can influence a person’s senses—even body temperature—and make scenes more memorable. Knowing the responses colors evoke offers insight into where and when you should use color in a home to appeal to buyers. 

  • Red: Increases energy and heart rate, creates excitement and stimulates the appetite. Best for: Dining rooms
  • Orange: Adds comfort, warmth, and cheerfulness and too much can bring about feelings of cautiousness. Best for: Living rooms and family rooms
  • Yellow: Brightens mood and promotes welcoming and joyful feelings; increases positive thinking. Best for: Poorly lit foyers and dark hallways; buttery shades of yellow for living rooms
  • Green: Most restful color. Reduces nervous system activity and muscular tension, calms and relaxes, offers reminders of nature. Best for: Living rooms (light greens); accent for kitchens and dining rooms (midtones).
  • Blue: Promotes feelings of calmness, security, tranquility, and cleanliness; lowers blood pressure, cools a room, and serves as an appetite suppressant. Best for: Bedrooms or any restful, peaceful area in a home.
  • Purple: Boosts creativity, imagination, and meditation, but can have unpleasant subconscious responses. Many adults dislike purple walls, particularly lighter shades of purple that are perceived as more youthful. Best for: Children’s bedrooms and play areas.

This articleat has lots more paint and color ideas.  So what do you think- should you pick a paint color based on psychology?


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