Make your Home Street View Ready

Everyone knows that a first impression goes a long way- that rings especially true for selling your home.  So the front of your home can make or break a sale. 

Nearly all buyers use the Internet as there first toll when looking for a home.  At or, what buyers see first is that main exterior shot of your house.  Buyers decide from that one, thumbnail sized photo whether they want to click to see more or move on to the next one.  So what does this mean for you?  The front of your house needs to rock!  Here are a few tips:

First things first, the easy stuff- move the garbage cans out of sight- pick up the toys, bikes, and any trash lying around.

Next, get out those hedge trimmers and give the bushes, hedges and trees a quick trim.  Make sure that the bushes under the windows don’t block the windows and that you can get to the front door without having to maneuver around stray branches.  If you have a dead/dying tree, just cut it down and replace it with something new (and alive).

Finally, stand on your front stoop and look around.  Prospective buyers will stand here for a minute or two when they come to your house, while their agent unlocks the door.  Is the paint peeling on the door frame?  What about crumbling concrete on the steps?  Touch up the paint, wash the front doors, storm door and sidelights. Do whatever you can to make this stopping point a highlight.

Once you’ve finished the cleanup, now it’s time to think about beautifying.  If you have window boxes, or windows screaming for window boxes, plant some painsies or other cheerful flower that stands up well to the weather.  No place for window boxes?  Try a potted plant or two on the front stoop or heading up the front steps.  If your grass is looking barren, try reseeding to spruce it up. 

With very little work and just some elbow grease, you will be surprised by what a big difference you can make.  Don’t expect buyers to look past those “little things” you’ve been meaning to get to but haven’t had the time.  Right now buyers have a lot to choose from and they may miss your altogether unless you make it stand out, from the curb.


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