The Union Town Center – An Update

For those of you who live in or around Union, KY, the Union Town Center is probably something you’ve been hearing a lot about.  Like many Realtors, I’ve been eagerly awaiting some news on the progress and today I received a great email with lots of updates I thought I’d pass along to you. 

The Town Center is really part of a bigger Town Plan but the Town Center is really the heart of this Plan.  The Center is also sometimes called “Fowler’s Green” and is centered at the future junction of US 42 and Hwy 536.  The Town Center will feature mixed-use: residential, commercial and office.  The residential areas are described as an “urban feel in suburban Union” and are planned to be a combination of cluster homes, multi-family units and zero lot line.  There will be condos, single family, and townhomes.  The business district will consist of first floor retail with 2nd and 3rd floor office and residential uses.  You can see pictures and examples of other communities they are modeling the town center after here.

I, for one, this this could be very cool if it works as they plan.  I love the idea of spaces where people can work, live and shop and I think this area of Boone County could really take advantage of the interconnectedness of it all. We will just have to wait and see, the public sewer system will be expanded this fall to start the process but most of this work is still quite a ways in the future.


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