Mark Your Calendars: Mt Adams Soap Box Fun

File this under completely unrelated to real estate but just sounds like fun.  Red Bull will be hosting one of their soap box races here in Mt Adams on October the 4th.  Over 200 teams applied to participate and 44 teams will compete in the challenge.  Here is some more info from the press release:

“Who are these fine young minds you ask? Missourians, Ohioans (lots from Cincinnati), Michiganites, Kentuckians, oh, and one New Yorker slipped in (we don’t know how that happened!) all illustrated intelligence, dare and wit with their innovative designs. Flying pigs, Barbie bandits, bananas and death mobiles are just some of the distinct speed demons spectators will see racing at speeds over 30 mph during the Race.


College rivalries, high school students and one ingenious shop teacher are just some of the cast of characters you can expect to see compete this fall. Although speed is important, Red Bull Soapbox Race is about creativity too – the more distinct the craft and skit, the better the team will fare – and the prize is worth the many nights these teams will spend building their masterpieces.

The first U.S. Red Bull Soapbox Race took place in St. Louis in 2006, but this wasn’t the event’s first go round. Red Bull Soapbox Race took place for the first time in Belgium over eight years ago! Since then, the Race has visited almost 30 countries including Austria, England, Jamaica, Czech Republic and Australia to name a few.


While there is no limit on imagination, there are still a few rules of the road. All driving machines must be entirely human-powered – no stored power or external energy sources allowed – though they must also have a braking and steering system. Secondly, all vehicles must be less than six feet wide, less than 20 feet in length and no more than seven feet from the ground. And finally, all soapboxes can have one or two drivers, but when the crafts reach the start ramp they must weigh no more than 176 lbs.

The event is FREE and open to the public. For more information, including team bios, photos and video footage from past Red Bull Soapbox Race events please visit”

Pretty fun right?  Another great event taking place in Cincinnati.  Come on out and cheer on yoru favorite car, or at least have fun watching them try not to wipeout!!


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