The Storm Around Town

Whew, that was crazy, huh?  I was lucky enough to survive with only minimal damage- a few missing shingles and some downed tree limbs in the yard.  I did have one close call- I was at an open house in the early part of the afternoon and the home next door lost some siding which flew off their house and into my car 😦  I’ve got a nice long scratch down the passenger side of the car- but all things considered, I can’t complain.

After the storm had passed I went out around the neighborhood to see the damage and took some pictures.

If you have sustained some damage, here are a few things to know.  Call your insurance company first thing, be patient for a call back though- it may take some time, especially with their own power possibly out.  Then take pictures of the damage.  If your car was damaged from a falling tree (or careening siding)- your auto policy usually prevails so give your auto carrier a call too if you have two different providers. 




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