Cincinnati Home Style: Shingle

The shingle style is one I didn’t know much about until I saw a great episode of This Old House which features it.  Now I am on the look out for them around town and am surprised how many I’ve found.  There is one just down the street from me in Oakley and you will see them throughout Hyde Park and other neighborhoods that feature the Queen Anne style– which this style derives from.  They were built from around 1880 through 1900.

The Shingle style’s dominate feature is, you guessed it, shingles which cover the wall siding and roof.  The homes have an asymmetrical facade and irregular roof lines.  Ornamentation is greatly reduced, compared to the Queen Anne, and the lower pitched roofs give these homes a more horizontal orientation.  The shingle style also generally have large porches that blend into the roof line.  Some homes also have curved edges and even curved corners into the windows, etc.  I find this style a lot of fun to look at and the longer you gaze at them the more interesting they become.


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