Cincinnati WEBN Fireworks: Trivia

For those of you that have been in Cincinnati long enough, you know how big an event the WEBN fireworks can be. You go hours before the sun sets, stake out your favorite location, and hang out with friends and family. I have always loved the fireworks! And in honor of the weekend festivities I have unearthed some interesting fireworks trivia.

  • Riverfest and the WEBN Fireworks have become a tradition in this river city. It has become such a smoothly run, almost taken-for-granted event. It all started when an irreverent rock station wanted to throw a party for itself. In 1977, WEBN owner Frank ”Bo” Wood – a confessed pyromaniac – celebrated the first decade of his station by shooting off some fireworks.
  • The WEBN fireworks may not be the biggest fireworks show in the country, but it is generally recognized as the most dense display – with 7,500 shells totaling 50,000 pounds going off in 30 minutes to the synchronized soundtrack.
  • New Castle, Pennsylvania, home to the nationally recognized display companies, Zambelli Internationale and Pyrotechnico, proclaims itself to be the “Fireworks capital of America.” Rozzi’s Famous Fireworks of Loveland, Ohio, also began operations in New Castle, before moving its headquarters to the Cincinnati area.
  • There is a city named Fireworks in Massachusetts, a state that prohibits all forms of consumer fireworks.
  • The first multi shot repeater imported into the United States was the Flying Dragon & Jumping Tiger.
  • In 1996, a string of firecrackers were lit that lasted 22 hours for the Chinese New Year in Hong Kong.

Ahhh, fireworks, so much fun in a little can or whatever.  For more info on where to go, park, etc you can go to WLWT 5. Hope you have a great safe weekend!!!


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