Price Hill “Incline District”- the New Mt Adams?

Over the weekend I had the opportunity to show a few condos in the area being called the “incline district” in Price Hill.  I was looking forward to seeing the opportunities available and the incredible views- and I was not disappointed. 

   The incline district is the area bounded by Elberon, Warsaw and Maryland and there are quite a few new developments and remodeled projects available for sale.  Everything I looked at, from Maryland to Matson Pl, had amazing views of the city and the river along with “cool” interior finishes and modern upgrades.   Although some of the exteriors and surrounding areas still left something to be desired, I couldn’t help but think how hip and happening I could be in one of these sleek condos.  And how fun it would be to show off the view to my friends!

One of the larger projects is The Queens Tower which has some of the best views. There is also going to be a new Health Alliance medical building, a sports bar in the old radio station, and other new construction to go along with the residential development. As with many changes in Cincinnati this has been in the works for a while but does seem to be progressing now. Whether this area will turn in to the next Mt Adams remains to be seen but the views certainly rival it.


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