Is your house a Queen? Cincinnati Home Styles

The Queen Anne Style is one of my favorites and this picture is taken from one of my favorite areas of town- Columbia Tusculum.  Columbia Tusculum features many great Queen Anne’s which we also commonly call “painted ladies”.

This style came into vogue in the 1880s.  The Queen Anne style in American generally refers to more of an era of architecture rather than one specific style and around here we also think of it as Victorian but the Queen Anne is a livelier version of Victorian.  Among the neighborhoods that have large numbers of houses of the style are Northside, Avondale, Walnut Hills, and Clifton. 

The Queen Anne takes many different shapes but there are a few common characteristics.  They generally have an asymmetrical facade, dominate front facing gable, spindle work, and a porch covering all or part of the front of the home.  They also have differing wall textures with fish scales or tiles on the upper portion and first floors may have been painted one color, with a contrasting color used for upper stories, and one or more additional colors to highlight details.

Is you house a Queen?  Let’s see a picture!


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