How to Get your House Ready- Staging for Showings

Your agent calls and you have someone wanting to look at your house!  YAY!  Now, what should you do to get it ready?  How much time you have before they show up dictates what you should do. 

If you only have 15 minutes- 

  1. Crank the A/C- I mean cold.
  2. Run through the house and turn on all the lights and open all the blinds, unless the view is of a warehouse, then keep them closed
  3. Put the lid down on the toilets- that’s a Realtor pet peeve, just do it- and empty the garbage cans in the house.
  4. Shove all your clothes and things on the floor under the bed or behind the couch- most people won’t look that closely for your mess so just do a decent job of hiding it.
  5. Make your bed
  6. Put out the brochures of information your Realtor has left about the house
  7. Now get out- you’ve done all you can with the time you have and you don’t want to have to awkwardly excuse yourself when they show up, so head out with a few minutes to spare.

If you have 2 hours-

  1. Do everything above first
  2. Light a few candles or open the windows for a minutes to bring in some fresh air- just be sure to blow out the candle before you leave
  3. Do a better job of actually cleaning up than you might with 15 minutes. 
  4. Clean off your kitchen counter tops, put away dirty dishes, etc.
  5. Do a quick dusting or vacuuming if needed.
  6. Put away pet toys and food bowls

If you have an entire day-

  1. Do all of the above
  2. Cut your grass, trim the bushes, do a little weeding
  3. Set the dining table with 2 or 4 place setting depending on the size of the space
  4. Hang up fresh towels in the bathroom
  5. On very hot days, leave some drinks in the fridge or on the counter top with a note for them to help themselves

Whew, I know that seems like a lot but once you’ve put your home on the market it becomes something to sell and you have to present it in the best possible way every time someone comes to look.  Before you leave for work each day you should expect a showing while you are gone and prepare for it.  So then when you have only a few minutes notice for a showing, the house is already looking pretty darn good.  Feel free to contact me for more tips and trick of the trade.


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