Cincinnati Home Styles- Usonian Style (Frank Lloyd Wright)

Frank Lloyd Wright brought a fresh idea to architecture with the introduction of the “usonian” style.  This style grew out of the prairie style of home and features lots of natural materials: brick, wood and concrete mainly.  The usonian homes were small single story homes, built on slab with radiant floor heating and carports instead of garages.  Wright believed this style of home was perfect for the American ideal. There are over a hundred of these homes built across the country and we are lucky enough to have 3 Frank Lloyd Wright homes here in Cincinnati. 


The first is the Cedric G. Boulter home which is in Clifton near the Gaslight district and was completed in 1956.  I was lucky enough to tour this one a few years ago when it was open to the public.


There is also the William Boswell home in Indian Hill, completed in 1961.


and Gerald B. Tonkens house in Amberley Village from 1955.

 So while this style isn’t probably your house, unless you live in one of these 3 houses, it is always interesting to find out what cool architecture might hide behind a few of the long driveways and gates around town- and now you know!

UPDATE: For more pictures of the Boswell house check out this new post.


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