HOT Cincinnati markets

Every where I go, family BBQ, movie night, even the hair dresser, everyone wants to know “how’s the market?”  I always give people my impression, areas I’ve seen thriving, prices that sell, etc.  Today I though I’d give you some of that as well- since you know you wanted to ask anyway 🙂

 My new favorite area of town is Deer Park- great tree lined streets, close to the interstates and shopping, Deer Park school district, and much more.  Currently there are 27 homes on the market (btwn $100k and $150k), with 8 pending and 33 sold (in the last 6 months).  Very strong!

Consider Madison Place as well: Mostly adorable cottages, right down the street from Mariemont Square too.  Currently 9 active, 3 pending and 8 sold.  Not bad either!

If you can go a little higher, say up to $200k, Columbia Tusculum has consistently been one of my favorite areas.  Lots of painted ladies (think San Francisco), convenient to downtown and Hyde Park, and with Columbia Square well under way I think it will only go up.   Currently 8 homes on the market (btwn $100k and $200k) with 5 pendings and 6 solds.

On the other side of the river I don’t think you can miss in Bellevue, Dayton or Newport.  All three areas still have some transitioning to do, meaning plenty of rehab opportunities.  But you are close to downtown and the interstates, property taxes are lower than across in Ohio and the homes are priced perfect for first time buyers.  Plus many of these areas offer incentives for buyers looking to do some fixing up.  Bellevue, for example, offers $500 towards adding a parking pad. 

In Bellevue , there are currently 20 homes on the market, 2 pending and 17 sold.  Dayton has 3 active and 3 sold.  While, Newport has 16 active (including this great new listing of mine), 8 pending and 17 sold.  Lots of opportunities but things go quick!

As you can see, there are a lot of great places to start looking at, that you might not have considered before.  It looks to me like first time buyers, under $200k are driving the market.  Homes priced right in good condition in these markers are selling like hot cakes.  See something you like?  Don’t wait, you’ll be sorry if you do.


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