On the Other Hand….Gas Prices and Homebuying- Part III

On the other hand, this article makes a good argument for why we may just suck it up and keep on driving- do we like driving too much?  Do we even have a choice sometimes?

They argue that although many people find the cost of driving getting more expensive, owning a car has always been costly and we deal with it. Longer and longer commutes have not kept us from buying gas guzzlers before.  Perhaps instead of moving closer to the city, commuters will buy more fuel efficient cars or car pool.

We are also beginning to see companies adjust to the higher prices. Some are offering 4 10-hour workdays or telecommuting. Rather than expecting their employees to take the entire hit, some companies are trying to make it easier with these quick fixes. But will they work in the long run.

As a Realtor, I can not wait to see how all these changes in the market and our pocketbooks will affect the homes we build and buy and the features and amenities we want and need for those homes. 


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