Changes at the Ridge/ Highland interestion

As someone rehabbing their house, I make the drive to home depot, oh, about 4 times a day. So when I saw the heading line this morning about the  John Nolan Ford Dealership closing– I was surprised. And I couldn’t help but start speculating on what might take its place. Any suggestions?


One thought on “Changes at the Ridge/ Highland interestion

  1. j. amos says:

    Something should happen – and hopefully not a used car lot. This intersection is screaming for something better. Just across the street there is an empty Kmart. In front of Home Emporium they have recently torn down the abandoned Rally’s & Hollywood Video. Situated between Hyde Park, Oakley & Pleasant Ridge, this area could do much better than surface lots & the typical suburban sprawl. That entire intersection was developed when spawl was king – now attitudes are changing, land values are rising, and people want more for their neighborhoods. There is currently a 55$ million development planned for the site that now has the mini-storage buildings at ridge and alamo/marburg. This will entail an office hi-rise & multiple restaurants. A cinema de lux is planned for a site adjacent to the Center of Cincinnati – And if the millworks development ever gets started this area will really be hop’n.

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