Google Street View- pretty cool….

Have you heard to Google’s street view?  I hadn’t either but this thing is totally cool.  I really don’t understand how this can be a money making endeavor for them but who cares.  I love it and so will you. Cincinnati was just added on June 10th so be the first to check it out and look all cool when you tell your co-workers about it. Note, your boss will probably not be thrilled b/c this is very addictive and work basically halts for hours.

First go to Wikipedia to read up on it, see the cars and much more. Then go to and type in your favorite Cincinnati location. Almost every street is available for street view but there are a few blank spots still. Once you’ve typed in the address you want then just click on street view. Isn’t this cool?

I know there are probably all sorts of privacy issues but I have had a blast looking up old addresses and favorite hangouts. You can even take a vacation from your desk and head to NYC or Alaska.

As a Realtor I see another advantage as well. This allows my clients to view streets and neighborhoods without having to get into their car. Wondering if that too go to be true listing you saw is on a busy street? Just type it in and get an idea. It won’t be perfect but it’s a nice start.



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