First Time Buyer Information

Thinking about buying your first home?  Wondering where to begin?  Wasting your time driving all over town looking at open houses?  I specialize in first time homebuyers and helping them navigate the confusing and scary process of buying your first home.  Here is a brief overview of what you will find out from me if you come to my office and sit down to chat.

1.  You need an agent.  I know making that commitment to get serious about buying and thus finding a real estate agent can seem like a big step but it really makes your life so much easier.  An agent works FOR YOU.  I help you find out where you want to live, what you need vs. want in your new home, and what you can afford to buy.

2. Get prequalified.  I work closely with a number of banks and loan officers and can give you contacts.  You should get prequalified as soon as you get serious about buying.  A loan officer will sit down with you, find out what your income is, your expenses, and what you feel comfortable with as your monthly payment.  They will also check your credit and credit score and then prequalify you to buy a house.

3. Get information.  When I am working with first time buyers the first thing I do is sit down with them and explain the process.  Most of what happens in the home buying process takes place after you find a home and have an accepted contract on it.  I explain all those steps, how inspections work, what happens during the loan process, and what expenses you need to expect along the way.  We’ll talk about earnest money, closing costs, and everything in between.  I think this step can be the most important b/c it gives you a level of knowledge of what is coming up around the bend and that makes getting started easier.

4. Start driving around.  Get in your car and go look at neighborhoods, you can start this before you get really serious but having an agent already means they can suggest areas you may not have thought to look at.

5. Get inside.  Once you and your agent have sat down and you’ve found out how much you can afford- it is time to go inside some houses.  As your agent I will ask you pick out 5-7 homes from the list I send you and others you have seen and I’ll setup appointments so we can go look at them.  You may find our dream house on outing #1 but more often this first trip out will give you and I a better idea of what you are really looking for, what kind of layout and styles work for you and what areas of town are starting to appeal to you more than others.

5.  Find the house for you.  Expect to go through 15-20 houses before you find the right one.  That is just a ballpark, if you go into house #1 and love it, by all means, buy it.  Dont’ feel like you need to see everything if this is the one for you.  Once you’ve found that right house, I’ll help you through all those other steps and soon enough you’ll be a proud homeowner.

Like I said at the beginning, this is just a brief overview but it gives you the basic floor plan.  If you want more information or are ready to get started I can’t wait to hear from you!


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